Former Gay Christian Educator Fights Homosexuality Issues at Schools

( [email protected] ) Jun 21, 2004 03:48 PM EDT

A former homosexual, who is Christian, has taken a step further to address the sensitive issue over homosexuality by writing a booklet that provides information about homosexuality. The 20-page booklet called “The Homophobia Stops Here: Addressing the Ex-Gay Perspective in Public Schools” has its main focus on addressing ex-gay issues, discrimination against homosexuals, and the potential that all people have to change from homosexual to heterosexual. It is currently the only ex-gay resource available for public schools.

The booklet is written by Chad Thompson, founder of “Inqueery,” an organization which facilitates the development of tangible solutions to the problems faced by lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered, and ex-gay students on high school and college campuses, while presenting the possibility of change for those who desire this path.

Thompson said it is more common for Christians to address homosexuality as sin and only emphasize repentance instead of deeply looking into the actual struggles that gay and lesbian youth are facing and reaching out to help change their sexual orientation.

Thompson said, “We speak about the importance of ‘Repent or die’ and that kind of thing,” but he said even though Christian community opposes the homosexual lifestyle, it is time for the church to acknowledge and combat the “legitimate struggles being faced by gay and lesbian youth.”

According to Thompson, the booklet, which is the first publication from Inqueery, offers an unbiased look at research on finding “gay gene” and examines a number of theories about the development of sexual orientation. The booklet also discuses the potential of change for homosexual students who wish to change and at the same time it encourages treating homosexuals and ex-homosexuals with respect.

"The resource provides information about individuals who have overcome homosexuality," Thompson said, "and as far as I know it is the only ex-gay resource available for public schools right now. All of the other resources that have been created to address the issue of homosexuality in public schools are gay-affirming."

Thompson explained of the mixed reactions the curriculum has recieved from the homosexual community. "I think they're actually bewildered that I speak so much about the importance of treating gay and lesbian people with respect, and I speak against bullying, and I speak against homophobia. That's something they're not used to hearing from the Christian community," he said.

So far there are 5,000 copies of the booklet available in print and Thompson is planning to pass out the booklets to school teachers at the National Education Association’s upcoming annual convention in Washington, DC to encourage teachers to add the resource into their school curriculum.