Calvin Seminary Approves Two New Faculty

( [email protected] ) Jun 24, 2004 03:52 PM EDT

Delegates of the Christian Reformed Church named Dr. John Witvliet and Dr. John Rottman as professors of Calvin Seminary after an interview, which took place on June 15.

Rottman was voted as a Professor of Preaching. He said, “Good preaching tells the Word of God, but excellent preaching brings the Word of God alive to people. Excellent preaching uses a variety of resources.Excellent preaching highlights the grace of God. Excellent preaching does not ignore the judgment of God.”

Rottman taught at Ontario Theological Seminary, Tyndale Theological Seminary, and Calvin Seminary before he became the senior pastor at Grace CRC in Ontario.

Witvliet, who believes that what happens on Sunday is so formative in how people come to understand God, will teach Worship as a half-time professor.

He serves as an associate professor of music, dean of the chapel at Calvin College, and director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.