Southern Baptists' Education Proposal Against Public Schools Continues

( [email protected] ) Jun 26, 2004 01:00 PM EDT

Although Southern Baptist Convention committee rejected education resolution proposed by T.C. Pinckney and Bruce Shortt during its annual meeting last week, Pickney and Shortt insisted that the issue wouldn’t end here considering the negative impact public school has on students.

The part of proposal which asks Southern Baptist to remove their children from public schools and provide them with a Christian education failed to pass but the Southern Baptist messengers at the conference haven’t decided on the issue over increasing Christian influence on American culture, which gives Pinckney and Shortt another opportunity to propose another similar resolution that defends Christian education at the next year’s annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Why would you be surprised that we're losing most of our children after they graduate from high school," Shortt asked, "when we're educating them for 12 years in an institution that treats the name of Christ and even Christmas carols as if they were hate speech.”

He added, "Why would you be surprised that the overwhelming majority of our children are turning into moral relativists when we're educating them for 12 years in an institution that long ago threw out the Ten Commandments?"

Shortt argued that government schools fail to offer a biblically sound education even though that’s what children need because secularist Constitutional interpretations and judicial activism have put down the Bible in public schools.

"Most of the things that govern what goes on in schools are not determined at the local level. It's determined by federal regulations and court decisions and state regulations and court decisions," he said.