Seabury Institute Offers Courses Targeting Wider Public

( [email protected] ) Jun 30, 2004 10:59 AM EDT

The Seabury Institute made its elective course offerings available to lay and ordained leaders for continuing education or academic credit, from June 21 to 25.

The week-long classes include Best Practices in New Church Starts, Leadership in Multicultural Communities, and Preaching for Mission and Congregational Development.

“Don't miss this rare opportunity to work with a foundational thinker in the field,” the Seabury offcial said regarding the lecture co- taught by Arlin Rothauge, the leading figure in the field of congregational development since the 1980s.

Eric Law teaches Leadership in Multicultural Communities, which answers questions such as: “How are faith communities organized and led differently when they cease to be monocultural?” and “How do choir, vestry and outreach look from a multicultural perspective?”

Preaching for Mission and Congregational Development is taught by John Dally, Associate Professor of Christian Communication at Seabury and Executive Director of the Seabury Institute, whose class examines both the what of missional preaching and the how, and the content of the gospel preached by a church recovering from 1700 years of empire.

Tuition for full academic credit is $900 and $450 for continuing education credit. There is also a great rate for three to five from the same congregation for $1,200.