New Group Headed by Catholics Supports Christian Education

( [email protected] ) Jun 30, 2004 01:50 PM EDT

Inspired by the recently rejected proposal to remove Southern Baptist children from public schools, two Roman Catholics have formed a new group to support the idea of removing evangelical and Protestant children from public schools and providing them with Christian educations.

The new organization, known as, is headed by interim director Alan Schaeffer and Marshall Fritz of the California-based Alliance for the Separation of School and State.

The organization has a two-fold mission: first is to increase the awareness of the loss of faith and morals in public schools and the consequential effects it has on Christian children. Second is to help find ways to offer Christian education by means of home schools, private schools or specialized public schools.

Schaeffer believes public schools are harmful to young people.

"They drive a wedge between children and their families -- and that is a bond, a relationship that is so sacred that it reflects the Holy Trinity," he said, "And to have our children wrenched from us for so much time and given every reason to question our faith and no reason to reinforce it is probably the single-largest area of concern."

Fritz said there needs to be a "consciousness raising" in the Christian community about what he calls the "Godless" nature of public education and that believers need to understand how dangerous schools are both morally and spiritually. Additionally, he asserted that in some cases, schools are dangerous physically and academically, "although that's not our primary emphasis at this point."

Schaeffer and Fritz are currently looking for an evangelical Christian to lead their new organization.