Baptist Bible College & Seminary Opens for Summer Conferences

( [email protected] ) Jul 02, 2004 06:29 AM EDT

The campus of Baptist Bible College & Seminary will be used for summer camps and conferences until August 4.

with thousands of men, women, and children, all through May 13 until August 4.

Five unique conferences are scheduled to take place through out the summer drawing thousands of men, women, and children.

The conferences are designed for adults to ‘minister to the church in truth and encouragement.’ The summer conference will also include Golf tournament where participants will be given two days of leisure time to enjoy.

Men’s Retreat will offer Bible study for male participants and help them to become godly leaders in their homes and communities. Other conferences include Ladies LYFE, which is offered twice each summer; Golden Heirs, which is designed for seniors aged sixty-five and over; and Volunteers Week, which allows families and friends to gather and meet important needs on the campus.