Dr. Charles W. Hedrick Publishes Book on Parables of Christ

( [email protected] ) Jul 05, 2004 10:00 PM EDT

Dr. Charles W. Hedrick, distinguished professor of religious studies at Southwest Missouri State University, argues for a more sensible approach to parables in his recently published sixth book, "Many Things in Parables: Jesus and His Modern Critics."

The publisher, Westminster/John Knox Press described the book as a "splendid introduction to the elusive rhetorical device central to the New Testament picture of Jesus."

In addition to covering such basic topics as -- "What is a parable?" "Is Jesus really the author of the parables?" and "Why did Jesus speak in parables?" – Hedrick presented critiques on the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches that have been used to understand the parables.

Hedrick’s research interests mainly lie in Christian origins. His most recent works include: “Parables as Poetic Fictions,” “The Gospel of the Savior. A New Ancient Gospel” and “When History and Faith Collide: Studying Jesus.” He has also been involved in editing books and has written various encyclopedia articles and book reviews.

Hedrick received his bachelor’s degree at Mississippi College - a Southern Baptist liberal arts college - in 1958 and at the Golden Gate Southern Baptist Seminary in 1962. He completed his M.A. at the University of Southern California in 1968 and Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate School in Claremont, California in 1977.