Luther Seminary to Inaugurate New International Fellowship and Professorship

( [email protected] ) Jul 27, 2004 11:45 AM EDT

Luther Seminary announced inauguration of a new International Fellowship and Professorship for Third World teachers of Christian theology and ministry in the Spring of 2005.

The fellowship, funded by the Schiotz Endowment, provides an opportunity for a scholar to engage in research and teaching with a missional and confessional articulation of theology and ministry.

Teachers of Christian theology and ministry from the Third world will spend a period of five to nine months at Luther Seminary, with nearly fifty faculty members and approximately 800 students.

The seminary requires applicants to present a doctorate degree, publications, three letters of recommendation, teaching experience, and proficiency in English.

Once accepted, teaching duties will be negotiated but involve courses in Global Christianity and Christianity and World Religions. Selected few will serve in the History and Theology division that includes Mission and World Christianity, Islamic Studies, and Justice and Christian Community.

Luther Seminary offers both housing and monthly stipend of U.S. $1500 with Global Mission Institute, which offers hospitality and networking.

The first application for the new program will have its deadline in September 2005.