New International Students Welcomed by Theological Seminaries

( [email protected] ) Aug 12, 2004 05:48 PM EDT

Despite heightened national security concerns, theological seminaries in U.S. maintain their commitment to training international students.

According to Nana Lee Cho, International Student Coordinator at Moody Bible Institute, International students have much to teach their American counterparts, and they also represent a strategic means of fulfilling mission to advance the cause of Christ around the world.

After graduation, some International students are expect to return to countries where U.S. missionaries have difficulty gaining entry, countries whose language, culture and people they already understand well.

During any given year, Moody averages 130 to 150 international students, about 10% of the total undergraduate population.

“I want to see more international students on campus,” Cho said, “because I believe it’s always better to have nationals ministering to nationals. (They are often) more effective than a person who’s from the outside.”

Moody offers its ongoing support to international student through mentoring programs and campus groups such as MuKappa and the International Student Fellowship.