Builders Donate to Further Christian Education

( [email protected] ) Oct 04, 2004 04:42 PM EDT

More than 20 home builders are donating labor and material for building house in Dyer, which will help two Christian schools on two different continents.

Kallemeyne, general contractor on the project, said half the profits from the sale of the new four-bedroom house will benefit both Calvin Christian School in South Holland and the Emmaus Christian School in Conakry, Guinea. The two institutions are being squeezed financially by increasing tuition.

"Our Christian brothers are aware of the need for Christian education," said Carl Smits, the project's roofing contractor.

The work, which began last month, is nearly complete. The second wave of volunteers is working on framing the roof. Smits said he hopes a roofing company will volunteer to put on the roof's shingles.

Smits helped to build another home in Dyer about four years ago. The $160,000 profit from that home went to Worldwide Christian Schools and built eight schools in the Philippines and India, he said.

Contractors expect to complete the build in February.

Kallemeyne said he hopes to sell the 2,450-square-foot house for about $300,000. The house sits in a relatively new subdivision.

"This is a top-of-the-line house," Kallemeyne said. "Somebody will enjoy living there."

Kallemeyne said he needs more help and is looking for volunteers to put up drywall, paint and to build the home's deck, which overlooks a Dyer cornfield. "Financial contributions are also welcome," he said.

Though most of the workers are volunteering their services, Rich Vanverzee stressed the builders are being paid.

"We don't work for free," Vanverzee said. "I'm 70 years old. Every day is a gift from the Lord."

"The way the world is today, you want to give a child all the advantages and opportunities of a Christian education," said Dan Lyzenga, a roofer on the project.