A Travel to Jerusalem for Gospel Education

Leader Wu said although Jerusalem is a Holy place, the purpose for this travel is for research and not for pilgrimage.
( [email protected] ) Jan 25, 2005 12:19 AM EST

The China Evangelical Seminary is going to hold a travel to Holy places. They had originally planned bring together an estimated 35 people for the travel. However, this number has since then increased to 80 registered attendants.

Instructors and students from the China Evangelical Seminary are not the only ones present, however. In addition, students and pastors from others seminaries and churches will accompany the tour as well.

They will first stay in Jerusalem for around 12 days. Leader Xianzhang Wu commented that through this travel, people will be touched by the events from the Bible. The lecture, he says, will provide great lessons and insights. He hopes that everyone, pastor and student alike, will have great experiences on the journey.

He further explained that after students go to Gethsemane, they will truly experience a deeper understanding of the heart of Jesus at the time of his historical prayer to God. It is a good opportunity for students to do Bible studies later. In addition, they will get more experiences for guiding others next time.

Participants are expected to complete assigned homework assignments assigned to before prior to going to Jerusalem. The assignments are based on two books, which are the Path of Jerusalem and From Jerusalem to Capernaum. They are going hold a final test in the Carmel Hill for this travel.

Throughout this travel, they will collect lectures and testimonies which will be used for future student-study material. They are also going gives the sources to the China Evangelical Seminary website so that they will have a chance to share the finding with Christians worldwide.

Leader Wu said that although Jerusalem is a Holy place, the purpose for this travel is for research and not for that of pilgrimage.

He concluded by pointing out that the chosen people are not only in Israel, but according to the viewpoint of godly people and scripture in the Holy Bible, the dream of the Kingdom of God is to spread the gospel to all people including Muslims, Jews, and people all over the world.