China Graduate School of Theology Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

CGST, together with the China Evangelical Seminary, led a new trend in Chinese theological education.
( [email protected] ) Feb 01, 2005 07:44 PM EST

The China Graduate School of Theology is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. CGST, which was established in 1975 in Hong Kong, has nurtured thousands of co-workers for God in today's Hong Kong Christian communities.

The CGST continues to receive complements for training spiritual leaders in Chinese churches within and outside of Hong Kong on ways to spread the Gospel throughout China and the whole world.

CGST started gradually in the mid-1960's in the USA. It was not formally established until 1975. The China Evangelical Seminary was established e in 1970 in Taiwan. Shortly thereafter, both seminaries became reputed leaders of a new trend in Chinese theological education on the interdenominational, evangelical, indigenous and graduate level.

In 1995, CGST opened its Chinese Culture Research Center with the purpose to "respond to the various ideologies and religions of China in order to present the gospel effectively, and to contribute towards the future development of Chinese culture."

Today, CGST continues to offer degree courses in Theology, Divinity, Christian Studies, Philosophy and Counselor Education, which are accredited by the Asia Theological Association. It also offers intensive courses for summer and winter season, online theological education, and extensional courses in both Hong Kong and North America.

Throughregular visits, exchange and consultation with churches, seminaries and universities in Mainland China, CGST actively participates in the development of China's theological education.

The CGST's professors have been teaching in seminaries and even universities in Mainland China for well over a decade. It also donates books to seminaries, and helps the publication of theological books. Starting from 2002, several seminary and university faculty members from Mainland China have been invited to study or do research in CGST.

For the 30th anniversary, the CGST has planned a series of lectures and theology camps. From March 4-6, the CGST Theology Camp 2005 will be held at the Salesian Retreat House for believers wanting to dedicate themselves to God or to receive a theological education.

March 11 thru 12, Dr. Stephen Lee, Dean of CGST and Dr. Wilson W. Chow, President of CGST will respectively give lectures on the suffering and glory of Christ. Each perticipant of the lecture will receive a 30th annivesary gift.

On September 28, the CGST will hold its 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner.