New-Style Bible Conference Attracts Hundreds of Teenagers

Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Hong Kong plans to hold first 'Stone Tablet Guide Bible Conference"in three weeks.
( [email protected] ) Feb 04, 2005 05:00 PM EST

The Inter-School Christian Fellowship, a department of the Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Hong Kong, is going to hold their first "Stone Tablet Guide Bible Conference" in three weeks. About 800 high school students are expected to participate.

Ideas for creating the event started with a couple of high school students. According to ISCF, the students voiced concern over the fact that few students had interest in the word of God, and that few Christian students actually applied biblical teachings to their lives.

Hence, the "Stone Tablet Guide" aims to bring back respect towards God, true joy from Bible studies, and happiness with living the life of faith to high school students.

This upcoming event has received a lot of support from various elders and adults including educators and pastors from several Christian high schools and different churches. Some ot them have pledged to attend the conference.

Additionally, Christian schools and churches, including the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China, accepted to co-organize the event. The whole event, nonetheless, will be stricly planned and led by students.

The conference includes interactive multimedia programs, dramas, group Bible studies, testimony time, and library time.

In the beginning, ISCF only planned to hold the conference on February 26. Much to the surprise of the event organizers, all 400 seats were quickly booked, with additional students requesting opportunities to attend. The fellowship has since the decided to add one extra day to the conference.

According to the recent-released result of the fifth Hong Kong Church Research, while the number of teenage services increased more than 100% during the past five years, the number of teenage service attendees increased more than 200%.

Many sources commented that this was just one of many remarkable growths since churches increased efforts to recruit the youth into ministries in recent years.

The Baptist Convention of Hong Kong, considered the largest denomination in Hong Kong, has traditionally been conservative in doctrine, says various sources. Over the years, the denominaton had reportedyly tried different ways to expand their youth ministries.

Last year, Baptist convention elders discussed ways adjust worship in services to meet the needs of the youth.

Rev. Chi-wai Wu, general director of the Hong Kong Church Renewal and one of the researchers in the fifth Hong Kong Church Research, suggested that improvements in teenage ministries would serve as a catalyst for church growth.

FES has been holding "Stone Tablet Guide" small group Bible study for years, now, and has received plenty of postive feedback. Since last year, FES has prepared for the "Stone Tablet Guide Bible Conference."

With the conference date approaching, FES expressed hopes that more students would adore and devote themselves to reading the Word of God, so that the values from the Bible can become the main criterion of their lives.