Reformed Institute for Christianity and 21st Century Releases Schedule for Summer Courses

This year, the Reformed Institute is going to hold its summer courses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which will last for 3 weeks from June 27 through July 15.
( [email protected] ) Mar 09, 2005 02:01 PM EST

The Reformed Institute for Christianity and 21st Century, which is founded by Stephen Tang Evangelistic Ministry International, has released the schedule of their summer courses, which will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this year.

The courses will last for three weeks, respectively from June 27 to July 1, July 4 to July 8, and July 11 to July 15. The lectures and lecturers are as follow:

Introduction to Reformed Theology - Rev. Bob Fu First Week 9am-12pm

Practical Reformed Apologetics - Joanny Chang First Week 1pm-4pm

Doctrine of Creation - Dr. Edwin Lee First Week 2pm-5pm

Doctrine of Holy Spirit - Dr. Stephen Chan First Week 7pm-10pm

Doctrine of Trinity - Dr. Stephen Chan Second Week 9am-12am

NT Eschatology: A Study of I Thessalonians - Dr. Andrew McCafferty Second Week 1pm-4pm

Reformed Faith and Environmental Ethics - Dr. Pei Tsai Second Week 2pm-5pm

Doctrine of Redemption - Dr. Ken-Ang Lee Second Week 7pm-10pm

Biblical Theology - Dr. Luke P. Lu Third Week 9am-12am

Christian Faith and Chinese Philosophy - Dr. H.K. Yeung Third Week 1pm-4pm

Chinese Culture and Christian Faith - Rev. Daniel Li Third Week 2pm-5pm

Doctrine of Christ - Dr. Stephen Chan Third Week 7pm-10pm

What’s more is that, Dr. Peter Kung-Ho Chow will give a lecture titled “Reformed Theology: Review and Prospect” on the weekend of July 7 to 8. Every Monday evening, Rev. Dr. Stephen Tang, President of the Reformed Institute, is also going to hold a group Bible study.