Youth 200 Continues Training Young Leaders to Fulfill the Great Commission on Campuses

The Youth 200 is a follow-up to the Youth 100, a gathering of next generation's leaders to become catalysts on their campuses.
( [email protected] ) Nov 10, 2005 08:34 PM EST

100 leaders gathered in Southern California for the follow-up to the Youth 100, a gathering of next generation's leaders as catalysts for a church planting movement on campuses. The Youth 200, held on Nov. 5, provided more training and strategies.

At the Agape International Leadership Institute (AILI) in Ponoma, Jaeson Ma, president of the Campus Church Network (CCN) trained the leaders on how to multiply "campus churches" among the "un-reached student groups."

The training involved how a leader can effectively evangelize by identifying other leaders on campuses, and implementing the model of "simple churches," a church that doesn't need a building but takes place on social grounds, or "campus churches."

CCN said on their website that before they send out any "campus church planter they are to seek the Lord in prayer and fasting for His direction."

Additional training came from David Wu, a pastor at the Institute, on the "prophetic and power of evangelism," where he talked about how we can use the knowledge that we learned from the Scriptures to evangelize people.

Since Rev. Ernest Chan, the president of AILI, responded to the many inquiries for a youth leadership program, he has been organizing such programs as the Youth 100 and the Youth 200 every month at the Institute to focus on leadership and evangelism among the youth.

A group of leaders, some consisting of youth pastors who want to see their campuses and schools evangelized, agreed to assemble as a team for future events in mobilizing, training and evangelizing their schools.

The leaders will organize the Youth Fest on Dec. 5, an event that will conclude the year with worship and intercession, gathering churches that were formed on the campuses.

As the year comes to an end, Nakules Veran, coordinator of the Youth 200 said, "the Youth Fest will begin the next year with a concentration on fulfilling the Great Commission in this generation, especially among the un-reached student groups in campuses and schools."

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