Youth Fest Revives California Students to Evangelize Campuses

The Youth Fest 2005 concludes the year for young leaders who are hoping to start a revival on their campuses.
( [email protected] ) Dec 09, 2005 11:27 PM EST

The Youth Fest 2005 will conclude the year for young leaders who are hoping to start a revival on their campuses.

On Dec. 3, the event in Anaheim, California, brought over 150 leaders from their respective campuses and schools in the nearby region for guidance on how they can start a revival on their campuses for the new year.

The Youth Fest gave participants a time of worship and intercession with God. Meanwhile, a group of youth pastors called the participants to unite in fulfilling the Great Commission for this generation.

For years, the Agape International Leadership Institute (AILI) in California have been receiving requests for a youth leadership program. They responded by forming the "Youth 100" and "Youth 200" event in October and November respectively, under the leadership of Jaeson Ma, the president of Campus Church Network. Ma has also attended the Youth Fest last week.

The need for youth leadership programs arose from several problems within the churches. One of the problems deal with the "generational gap" between the first and second generations.

The Youth 100, Youth 200 and the Youth Fest were designed to encourage the youth to start a movement to evangelize their campuses.

The Youth Fest marks the conclusion of the youth program at AILI and will resume the next year with more strategies, training and projects that will be used to reach students with the Gospel.

Rev. Ernest Chan, president of AILI, said that the Institute consistently strives to find strategies by innovatively training the leaders of the next generation for evangelism.

The worship was led by the Orange County Chinese Christian Assembly, G7 Production, Bread of Life Church and City Blessing Church.