CEF-OCM Ministry to Explore New Ground in Europe in 2006

The Campus Evangelical Fellowship-Overseas Campus Magazine (CEF-OCM) has unveiled its plan to reach out to Chinese Christians in Europe in 2006, according to the latest CEF-OCM newsletter on the websi
( [email protected] ) Jan 06, 2006 04:48 PM EST

The Campus Evangelical Fellowship-Overseas Campus Magazine (CEF-OCM) has unveiled its plan to reach out to Chinese Christians in Europe in 2006.

According to the latest CEF-OCM newsletter on the website, CEF-OCM has published the Annual Report 2005 and the 2006 Ministry Focus. While the achievement in 2005 is tremendous, CEF-OCM plans to develop more on Europe in this year.

One of the ground-breaking agenda in 2006 is the publication of the inaugural issue of the Europe edition of the OCM. Last year, the base for OCM in Europe has been established by completing the registration of the Europe edition of "Overseas Campus Magazine" as a non-profit organization in Germany. The necessary arrangement for publication and distribution has also been finalized.

Currently the Publication Department of OCM aims to publish 13,000 copies of OCM in Europe in June, 2006.

In order to bring the publication of the Europe edition of OCM to stability, training and mission in Europe must be strengthened to provide human resources and technical skills.

In 2005, the Overseas Campus Training Center in Berlin have been actively training local ministry workers and students by using a "relay of medium-duration mission trips" and working collaboratively with local churches. The center also takes care of various ministry needs among students in other German cities, according to the Annual Report.

CEF-OCM will take one step further in Europe this year. As suggested in the 2006 Ministry Focus, it plans to include England in the list of countries to hold campus training camps in Europe, rather than just Germany. In addition, the relay of medium-duration mission trips will be expanded to England and other countries as well.

In addition to the two retired faculty couples, Albert and Beverly Yu, and James and Wendy Kong; Wei Jiang, Alice Chen, Rev. Edwin Su and Mrs. Joanna Su have joined the co-worker team for the Europe ministry.

While implementing the new ministry field in Europe, CEF-OCM also looks to reinforce the existing ministry in North America and other new strategic area. It aims to publish simultaneously the OCM in North America, Europe and new strategic area beginning in July 2006.

Mission and training both play important role in the development of CEF-OCM. In 2006, training camps for writers will be held in new strategic area. According to the Ministry Focus 2006, CEF-OCM also aims to publish 20 kinds of new evangelical pamphlets and to publish trainer's handbook for Small Group Bible study teachers.

Moreover, CEF-OCM will start updating website to fulfill its functions to include a resource website, a training teachers website, and a Christian writers website.

The annual report 2005 of CEF-OCM suggested that great development of the ministry in North America. Six different types of training camps with cooperating evangelical organizations and churches in 25 cities were hosted.

CEF-OCM reported that by working with a ministry organization and seven local churches in Los Angeles, it had the first training camp on "Spiritual growth and China mission" in July 2005. The total attendance exceeded 400. A special feature of this training camp is that each church is registered as a group and each church takes care of the registration of their own members and the follow-up after the camp. CEF-OCM plans to continue holding such training camp every year.

Regarding publication, apart from upgrading the content of OCM, OCM has moved on publishing new books of three different categories in joint efforts of the Great Commission Center, Ambassador for Christ, Campus Press, and Canada Campus Evangelical Fellowship.

First of all, for ministry handbooks, "Reaching Out to Mainland Chinese," a book showing how to evangelize mainland Chinese by Fan Xuede; and "Valley of Tears - The Obstacles and Solutions to Spiritual Growth of Chinese Intellectuals," by Jennifer Yang etc, were published based on four years of research and interviews.

The other two kinds of books are Theological Extension Program for Mainland Chinese Intellectuals (MCTEE) and book series.

CEF-OCM has also completed the digital version of training materials, "History of Chinese Church", "History of the Christian Church", and "How to Lead Small-Group Bible Study".

CEF was first founded in Taiwan in 1957. During the 1960’s, many Chinese Bible Study groups were formed in the United States and later became churches, with leaders trained by CEF in Taiwan. In 1992, CEF in the U.S., with a burden to spread the gospel amongst overseas Chinese students and scholars, began publication of the OCM in Los Angeles, California.

CEF-OCM follows the heritage of the early student evangelical movement which originated in the U.K. and the U.K., such as the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as well as the 1940’s Chinese Christian student movement. It aims to evangelize Chinese intellectuals through the use of literature, media, and discipleship/leadership training. Through the overseas Chinese students, the gospel can be brought back to Mainland China.