'America, Return to God'- Chinese Evangelicals' Wake up Call to Christians

In the light of the alarming decline of spirituality among Christians in the United States, a world-renowned Chinese evangelical makes a wake-up call through his new book.
( [email protected] ) Mar 16, 2006 05:45 PM EST

In the light of the alarming decline of spirituality among Christians in the United States, a world-renowned Chinese evangelical makes a wake-up call through his new book.

"America, Return to God" is mainly written by Rev. Thomas Wang, chairman of the California-based Great Commission Center International (GCCI). Through the four main chapters of the book- "America courting self-destruction," "Godless America is a dead America," "Time is not on our side" and "Repent now"- Wang determines to give a prophetic warning to Christians in the United States, urging them to return to God with the heart of love.

Published by the GCCI, the book also includes over 10 other articles written by other famous evangelicals such as the world-class evangelist Billy Graham, leader of the pro-life group Focus on the Family James Dobson, theologian and first editor of Christianity Today Carl F. H. Henry, Presbyterian theologian Francis Schaeffer, apologist Ravi Zacharias, president of American Vision Gary DeMar, Christian activist David Barton and others.

Wang hopes that the book can represent the voice of all Chinese churches to the American society, calling Americans to recover the Christian faith of their ancestors. The foundation of the United States is laid on Christianity, and that is how it has become the greatest and the most liberal country in the world in only 200 years. In the tide of secularism and post-modernism in the recent years, many Western countries, especially the U.S., has not only lost their Christian faith, and even become an "anti-Christian" country.

The crisis can be easily identified when seeing the decline in morality in the U.S. Same-sex marriage is one of the obvious signs. It has caused the erosion of traditional family values as it breaks the law of God’s creation for the union between one man and one woman to form a family. Wang has been actively leading all Chinese churches across the U.S. in the battle against homosexuality and defense for traditional marriage over the last year.

Churches definitely have the responsibility to warn against the world that has rejected God, according to Wang. He quoted the biblical story about the repentance of the fallen city Nineveh in the Book of Jonah to explain the role of churches today. Even Nineveh returned to God, if the U.S. does not return to God, it is because Jonah has not fulfilled his commission following God’s will.

As one of the engines of world missions, the U.S. must not only be awaken to save itself, but for the billions of unreached people in the world who have never heard of the gospel.

"While the modern churches are at the forefront of pioneering the world, the Satan and its followers go to the back and secretly attack the Christian countries in the West, which are the centers of world mission," Wang raised the challenging question during a gathering in New York last December. "Even the Christian countries in the West have become Sodom and Gomorrah, what is the meaning of world mission?"

If Christians are not able to be a witness of truth and love to others, other religions such as Islam will rise up to rule the world.

The book entitled "America, Return to God!" is expected to be published in May. 500,000 copies will be printed and sent to all states in America, all department leaders in the government as well as influential figures specialized in education, religion, science, humanities, entertainment, publishing and among others.

A press conference for the publication "America, Return to God!" will be held in Hong Kong on March 25. GCCI staff will introduce the aim of the book to Hong Kong Christians who are interested in the faith of American society today.