China Bible Ministry Exhibition Unites the East and the West

LOS ANGELES- The unprecedented China Bible Ministry Exhibition has grandly opened, creating an opportunity for the West to meet with the East in Christianity.
( [email protected] ) Apr 28, 2006 09:40 AM EDT

LOS ANGELES- The unprecedented China Bible Ministry Exhibition has grandly opened, creating an opportunity for the West to meet with the East in Christianity.

Sponsored by the China Christian Council (CCC) and the National Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), the leadership of the official church of China has attended the opening ceremony at the Crystal Cathedral Thursday evening. They are president and vice-president of CCC Rev. Cao Shengjie and Rev. Lin Zhi Hua, executive assistant secretary of TSMP Rev. Mei Kangjun, vice minister of the State Administration for Religious Activities (SARA) in China Jiang Jia yong and others.

Some 100 leaders from both Chinese and American Christian organizations, theological seminaries and churches as well as some influential social figures were also presented. They pointed out that the Bible exhibition has allowed people out of China to understand the development of Christianity in China. Through such communication, China and the United States can reinforce their relationships in spreading the gospel to the world.

Mark Carver, director of Purpose Driven Life Ministries, represented Rev. Rick Warren from the Saddleback Church. While the Purpose Driven Life Ministries have always devoted to train the world’s pastors and church ministers around the world, it has a special heart for China.

"We have been there for many times. We are here today because we want to hear what God wants to speak to us and secondly, the witness and passion and sacrifice of many people in China to bring the Bible of many hard languages. Please continue to pray for pastors and Christian leaders n China."

Rev. Danny Yu, president of Christian Leadership Exchange (CLE), is devoted in offering educational project for pastors and Christian leaders from Mainland China. He has also been a great contributor in building the relationship between the Church in China and the United States.

During the opening ceremony, Yu said, "The bible is a theme that means different things to many different of kinds of people….but it touches our hearts and changes our lives. In this sense, the Bible unites all of us."

Born in Hong Kong, Yu is a Christian who witnessed the tremendous change of China throughout the last few decades. He said, "The Bible Story of the china church is very important it tells about the progression of the society, the government and the nation; the dedication, loyalty and steadfast of God’s children in China. Most importantly, the Bible Story in China teaches us God is indeed awesome."

Mayor of the city of Meno Park said by uniting China and the United States, they can become new force to create peace in the world, "…such wonderful exhibition that really goes beyond Christian ministry, it is sign of hope between the two major powers in the world. By bringing this understanding of how China progresses, there will be peace in the world. Not only it affected the Christian ministry throughout the world, but it will also affect peace. We hope that the two major powers will be working together to bring together the other religion factions such as Muslim and other religions."

Michael Chang, a retried world-class Tennis player and a Christian Chinese American, was on the opening ceremony as well. He expressed great hope in the future of China’s Christianity as he was encouraged by hearing what the China Christian Council (CCC) has been doing for China from Rev. Cao Shengjie. He predicted that now is the time for China to change and for the gospel to spread throughout the land.

"The timing could not be better. Because of Olympic 2008, there will be many potential growths including business, transportation and others, but even more importantly, is to grow spiritually," Chang stated.