Earthquake in China

Mar 07, 2003 03:56 PM EST

More than 250 people died and thousands left homeless from the powerful earthquake that hit China last week. Since them Food For the Hungry has been working to relieve the suffering. Ben Homan from FFTH says, "Some 500,000 Chinese (are) affected by the quake. Many villages (are) destroyed. This kind of a remote place, it's very difficult to get relief, but it's one of the things that we've committed ourselves to at Food For the Hungry is to make sure that the people of the Xinjiang Province know that they're cared for, they're remembered and the God loves them." Homan is hoping to raise 75-thousand dollars to help. He says this enables them to do more than physical assistance. "Disaster situations, wherever (they are) in the world -- the physical presence of someone who cares -- that becomes a very powerful opportunity for moving on and talking about other issues that come up."

By Pauline J.