Faith in Kuwait

Mar 12, 2003 11:54 AM EST

The troops stationed in Kuwait are opening their hearts to the gospel message, as they prepare their minds for the face-off with Iraq. General Dick Abel, director of Campus Crusade’s military ministry says, "That's a time that you do your continuing training, in whatever combat arms you're in, but there's a lot of wait time. That's a time when you do a lot of thinking, too, and that's a time where people understand they're going into harms' way, and it's a time when they're quite vulnerable, actually." According to Abel, chaplains are saying that sailors and Marines respond well to the video, but there is much more to do. "Our goal has always been to put the Jesus video on every base and on every ship in the armed forces. We're seeing that happen, and seeing results of it. As long as they're using it, just like God's Word says, His Word will not come back void.”

By Pauline J.