A Call for the Queen to Abdicate her Title of the Head of Church

Jun 17, 2003 10:20 AM EDT

The Queen of England should lose her title of Supreme Governor of the Church of England for the royal family to accept diverse religions and ethnics existing in the UK, according to a major report on the monarchy, the Guardian reported on 15.

The commission on the Future of the Monarchy will argue in this report and it will be published in 2 weeks, that the Queen should be a head of state, not being committed to any particular religion.

It's been 469 years since the head of state has been given the name, Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

The newspaper emphasized that the Queen's deprivation of the head of Church is the most radical change since Henry VIII became head of Church of England in the year of 1534.

The commission, set up by the Fabian Society and received the full co-operation of Buckingham Palace, will say that this change doesn't mean full disestablishment of the Church but its links to the monarchy loosened.

To this situation, seniors in the Church seem to agree. Colin Buchanan, the Bishop of Woolwich told the commission that he agrees with it. The Archbishop of Canterbury also have expressed that the relationship between Church and monarchy should be in more modernized way.

Also in this way one of the most controversial aspects of the monarchy, a Catholic cannot accede to the throne would be reversed.

Prince Charles, who's been keen to modernise the monarchy, has spoken about being a defender of 'faiths' rather than of 'the Faith' which represents Christianity.

One close source of the commission commented that "we want the monarchy as a modern institution for all people whether they are Christians or non-Christians."

By Young Sun Lee
[email protected]