Minister calls for a Christian party in Scotland

Jun 21, 2003 10:34 AM EDT

A leading evangelical church ministser proposed that Christians in Scotland should have a Christian political party to field candidates at the net Scottish Parliament elections, Edinburgh News reported on 20.

The Rev. Andrew McGowan suggested "when over half of Scotland's regular churchgoers are voting for the Christian party, it will show a significant chrisitian influence among the nation."

McGowan is principal of the Highland Theological College and one of a leading figure on the evangelical wing of the Kirk.

"The Kirk, Church of Scotland, must call upon the Scottish Parliament to listen to Christians' concerns. The voices from the Christians have been ignored often," said McGowan in his writing to the latest edition of the Kirk's magazine 'Life and Work'.

He emphasized there must be a Christian party that see the society in Christian world view and pay more attention to the churches.

However both the Kirk and the Roman Catholic Church rejected his idea, saying it is better to concentrate on faith and to involve in the previous parties.

Moreover there is a Scottish Christian People's Alliance already existing but is failed to participate in political world because of too few activists.

The chairwoman Teresa Smith said "it is true that we need a party that promotes marriage and family life, increase the minimum wage, defend faith schools, oppose declassification of cannabis and a firm stand against civil partnerships."

"The family life is not even mentioned and Christian values in society have been slowing fading away. There must be a space that Christians can express their opinions."

he spokesman of the Catholic Church in Scotland, Peter Kearney pointed out that as the participation of Christians in politics are increasing, we must not forget that there is a danger of disruption of views and ideas among Christians.

By Young Sun Lee
[email protected]