International meeting of Evangelic Teachers

( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2003 10:50 AM EST

Association of Slovak Evangelic Teachers (SEU) and International Union of Evangelic Teachers (I.V.) prepared 3rd international conference, which was held on 26. - 30.sept 2003 in Smolenice, Slovakia.

Need „New teaching“ freedom for schools and school managment?, was the theme that 70 representatives of alliances from Slovakia, Holand, France , Swiss, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech republic and Srbian have been discussing.

I.V. covers 11 countries and coworks also with National Association of Slovak Evangelic Teachers.

During the meeting the director of I.V. Gerhard T.Poppem and the president of Union of Evangelic Teachers in Germany Ulrich Klemens, who is also representative for 100 evangelic schools in the north of Germany took part in. There have been 30 slovak teachers, Viera Machackova from ECAV general office of bishops and Julius Filo, the general bishop of ECAV.

Dr.Cil Wigmas, the director of managment of christian schools, talked about the experiences and the viewpoint of Western Europe for christian schools.

All the representatives agreed that the schools in Eastern Europe need in new conditions new managment. They stated that in up-bringing educational process, students are the center and teachers are the coordinators.

Teachers suppose to wake up the interest of students for teaching and help them to built good values in their lives as well.

Teachers from Holand and Germany consider as important to develop the harmony of intelectual and social abilities of students and they want students to be christian orientated, good, responsible, active young people.

Schools in Holand have much more autonomy for christianity and religion at schools, and the big ones let them develop many different activities for students.

Thatfore all the churches should put their interested into the education of christian religion at state schools, establish christian schools and increase kvalification of school managment in this as well.