Session of Counsil KBS for youth and families

( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2003 11:16 AM EST

From 20-22nd of october was held in Bratislava the session of sections for youth and family the Counsil of Conference of bishops in Slovakia (KBS) for family and youth, which is led by its president Mons. Milan Chautur.

The section for youth, led by Mgr.Ivan Podmanicky, was concentrating on the theme: Preparation of young people for marriage and to become parents.

The meeting was planning the activities for youth in pastoral centers at universities and in other organizations as well.

The president of Counsil of youth in Slovakia, Emil Mucha, mentioned the project how to increase organizing of young people and give them space for the presentation of children and youth organizations at schools.

The section for families discussed the theme: Preparation to become parents – doctrine before baptism. The members of the counsil were discussing the teaching before baptism and prepared suggestions how to deepen this section of pastorization.

At the end of meeting was presentated the project of Middle-Europe catholic days- they discussed the program and spiritual preparation of young people for the last “Way of Nations” in Mariazelli.