Responisibility of Church in the World

( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2003 11:31 AM EST

International co-working among the nations, help in catastrophes, international pastoral work of countries in middle Europe with countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America were the main themas, which lured the participants from Bosna and Hercegovina, Czech republic, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Swiss in the last week of october into austrian city Modling.

The mission house of St.Gabriel became in three days the place of interesting presentations, discussions and preparations for common activities to support the cooperation between religion organizations in middle and east Europe with another organizations in the countries of third world.

Bishop Julius Xavier Labayen from Philippines challenged to open all the doors and windows, so that we can listen by our hearts to the needs of other people and realize the partnership, in which noone loose, but instead of it, it’s mutual giving and receiveng, that is enriching ourselves. He pointed out three main problems: individualism, materialism and hedonism and emphasized that Jesus Christ is for all nations, all the nations are God’s.

Minister of foreign problems of Austria, Dr.Benita Ferrer-Waldner talked about three important problems, which are need to be solved : peace, poverty and enviroment. She mentioned some programs for development and deepen the partnership between Austria and countries of middle and eastern Europe.

Discussions between Czech and Slovak republic were aimed at international coworking, interchange of experiences and opinions. Deepen the coorporation of catholic organizations in Slovak and Czech republic.