10th anniversary of Conference of Bishops in Slovakia (KBS)

( [email protected] ) Nov 24, 2003 01:02 PM EST

One day after depart of John Paul II., the 10th anniversary of Conference of Bishops in Slovakia (KBS) was held in Sastin,16th of september and archbishops from many europe countries as the precious representatives have been invited .

Archbishop from Koln, Joachim Meisner mentioned the situation of church in Germany, where christian are generous in material help for others.

Christoph Schonborn, archbishop from Vienna, declared that the change comes with emphasizing on spiritual themes, and austrian catholics made sure that they dont have to be afraid of their fear and to be shy for their faith.

Cardinal from Poland, Jozef Glemp said, that we should be „ interested in fulfilling our comissions and comissions from God, as well as the comission in social-cultural context“. He mentioned the need between Slavs to know better each other, that bishops and christians should comunicate more.

„We feel that new era comes. We must talk that God has the right to live here on the earth, that the Gospel has place here on the earth – and we should not fear to talk about that.“

As other representatives of Conferences of Bishops in their countries have been invited Mons. Marin Srakic, from Croatia, Mons. František Graubner, archbishop from Czech republic, Mons. Jean-Pierre Ricard from France, Andrea Bruno Mezzocato from Italy, Mons. John Pazak from Canada and Milan Šášik from Ukraine. They reported about their countries and especially about the ways of coorporation.

46th session of KBS continued and Mons.Frantisek Tondra was elected as a new president of KBS.

Mons Rudolf Baláž became a deputy-chairman, Ján Sokol and Alojz Tkáè have been elected as the two last of the counsil of KBS.