Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan

Prague, 24th of november 2003
( [email protected] ) Nov 26, 2003 11:04 AM EST

Czech muslims celebrate with all other muslims all over the world the feast day of ending the fast time. On monday evening, when the first part of "new" moon appeared on the sky, the month of fasting ended. In the Islam's center in Prague and Brno, the muslim believers, among them muslims born in Czech too, gathered to the prayer.

"It should be at least three days of holiday," mentioned about the feast days in muslim countries Vladimir Sanka from Islam nadation in Prague. Because of the work, there are only few muslims living in Czech who can celebrate like this.

During this month muslims care more about charity, they try to avoid any conflicts and on the other hand try to make peace with each other, said Vladimir Sanka . In Prague's Islam center during the month of ramadan, every day after the sunset is held collective dinner and prayer. Vladimir Sanka continued: "fast time help to train our will and personal discipline and brings the feeling of belonging and solidarity with poor and suffering people."

There are around 1,5 miliard of muslims in the world. In Czech republic live and study approximately 10 000 muslims and few hundreds czech natives. In the month of ramadan, muslims from the sunrise till the sunset restrain themselves from food, drinking and sexual contact. The entire part of fasting is to refraid from bad thinking and desires, falshood, detraction, cheating, meaningless gabs, impertinence, vulgarity, quarrels and fights, and to be avoid of all the words and acts that are forbidden in islam.