Missionary Clings On Faith Despite Fierce Persecution

Mar 12, 2003 11:54 AM EST

A native missionary and film leader from Gospel for Asia, an American religious NGO working among people the in China, Nepal, India, UK, US, Germany, Burma, Sri Lanka, Bhangladesh and others, has a great determination to see the unreached area of Jharkhand reached with the Gospel.

On February 18, Titus, 26, while trying to show a film on the life of Jesus to an eager crowd of villagers, it was reported that he was attacked by a hostile group of men. After nearly strangling him with his own scarf so he could not cry for help, the men proceeded to punch him and beat him with sticks until he fell unconscious.

Other members of the film team were also beaten severely that they suffered intense pain in their muscles. By God's grace, they escaped.

But Titus stayed in the village, in a Christian friend's house. When Titus regained consciousness, the screams of his attackers echoed in his ears. They now stood outside the door with a lantern and containers of kerosene. Exhausted and scared, Titus and his friend prayed continuously to the Lord.

In the morning, the perpetrators returned. This time, they carried some papers and a pen. They told Titus to affirm in writing that he would renounce Christianity. He managed to get out, even though his throat was sore from nearly having been strangled the day before. Many beat Titus with sticks when he said this. The village leader punched him in the face.

For now, Titus is staying with GFA brothers at another location, recovering from his injuries. The village leaders meet again on February 26 to discuss the matter.

By Yhanee Hilado
[email protected]