Middle-Europe Catholic Days in High Tatras

'Shine As a Goog Example and Pray for Us'
( [email protected] ) Dec 03, 2003 07:36 AM EST

Slovakia - On 16th of november 2003, Stefan Mordela, priest from High Tatras invited Prof. Albert Fuchs and Doc.Franz Breid from austrian dioceze in Linz for celebrating Middle-Europe Catholic Days in Slovakia.

"Even though the tragedies in our history, mankind doesn't draw to destruction, while over all the insecurity and darkness standing before the future; here is God's power, which lead the man into eternal salvation," emphasized God's present in this world Prof.Albert Fuchs during the mass in Tatranska Lomnica.

Middle-Europe Catholic Days calls all people for deeper christian faith and our spiritual life. Prof. Fuchs reminded his visit in High Tatras 10 years ago, when was fascinated with a number of people coming to church as opposed to Austria. "In this devotness of people, there is a big hope for Slovak nation to built a new Europe", he continued.

Doc.Franz Breid celebrated the mass in Novy Smokovec, "this church is a proof that the faith is living in this nation. Because only living faith can motivate people to bring the sacrifice", he said.

"Austria is rich in economic way, but is spiritually poor" he added in his message, " give from your wealth of faith, devotness and devout love to God also to us, so that you will shine as a good example in praying for us, so we will not fall into materialism and will not reject Christ's mission."