Christmas Without Christ is Only Empty Packing

Meeting of Representatives of Three Biggest Churches in Presov
( [email protected] ) Dec 10, 2003 10:03 AM EST

Slovakia - A convention of representatives of three largest churches; archbishop of orthodox church Nikolaj; Mons.ThDr.Jan Babjak and Mons.Jan Hirka from Greek Catholic Church and Mgr.Igor Misina, bishop from Evangelic Church was held on monday 24th of november in Presov, Office of Orthodox Church.

'We want to truly prepare for the most important feast day in Christianity, when we remember the truth of our faith, that God became a man, one of us, in His Son Jesus Christ. So that in His birth He revealed the truth about Himself to us and with His presence among us became the principle of our unity.'

In a common dialog, participants revealed responsibility for preparation of this year's christmas feast, which can not rely only upon searching for and buying the presents, because "the biggest gift for all of us is the Living Word, which became the body". And declared in hope to all believers and encouraged them to center on "the main point of Christmas feast, on Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who comes to this world from the Love to us, to redeem and save us. Christmas without Christ is only empty packing"