Traditional Exhibition 'Catholic Book' was Opened

( [email protected] ) Dec 18, 2003 10:17 AM EST

Slovakia - Twenty publishing houses from Slovakia and Czech republic presented their last production on the 8th selling exhibition 'Catholic Book at Slovakia', which was opened in Bratislava this week.

There are many publishing houses, which took part in, Organization of St.Vojtech, one of the most famous in Slovakia, Luc, Good Book, Don Bosco and Serafin as well.

From the exponates,caught the participitant's attention the most Third visit of pope John Paul II at Slovakia, book written by Sebastian Labo and publications of cardinal Jozef Tomko about missions abroad.

The exhabition 'Catholic book at Slovakia' will continue till 22nd of december, opened daily in the place of Primacial Palace in Bratislava.