National Noise Weekend for Youths in UK

( [email protected] ) Apr 17, 2004 12:21 PM EDT

On 1-3 May 2004, young people from many different churches will be busy working across streets in the UK for a very special event - The National Noise Weekend.

While in UK churches, hardly any young people can be found to join Sunday Services, thousands of young people are expected to participant for this event. Instead of playing on the street as they usually do, they will be doing voluntary work like litter picking, gardening, decorating, recycling, car washing, evangelistic gigs and so on.

On the Noise official websites, there are many project ideas, and churches can come up with new ideas and design their own projects. The aim for The Noise is to get young people involved in their communities and communicate the good news of Jesus Christ through action as well as words. It encourages churches and youth groups to unite and serve their communities together. The Noise claims that it is promoting a lifestyle of practical service among churches and young people.

Referring to the scripture James 2:18, “I will show you my faith by my works.” Noise is an expression of faith in action.

“As Christians, we want to be good news, not just speak good news. Our lives, as well as our words, need to reveal Jesus. ‘The Noise’ is a simple and effective way Christians together can bless their local community. I hope and pray that in the years to come many more will take part in this initiative. Make a noise, make a difference,” Mike Pilavachi, Director of Soul Survivor said.

The Noise is one of the events of the Soul Survivor, a ministry associated with churches focusing on youth evangelical work through lively and creative means. During the Soul Survivor Message 2000 in Manchester, thousands of young people went out into local communities to show God’s love in practical ways. Seeing their enthusiasm in serving, the Noise began the following year with more than 250 registered projects from all over the UK. In 2003, over 100 entirely new projects registered, and each project involved on average more than 5 churches.