Pentecost Resources Available for Baptists

( [email protected] ) May 12, 2004 02:29 PM EDT

One of the largest feasts of the year for Christians is approaching - Pentecost, as recorded in the Book of Acts, was the day the Holy Spirit came and baptised 120 apostles of Jesus as they prayed in the church together.

The Baptist Mission Society (BMS) World Mission has prepared some Pentecost resources for churches and congregations to meditate upon the meaning of this spiritual day. The Pentecost resources pack is now posted up in the new “essential for life” section on the website link: Including a sermon outline and a Powerpoint presentation, the resources are based on Jesus' words, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me.”

The sermon refers to the scripture on John 7:37-39, titled “Come and Drink”. Highlighted the importance of water in human life, the parable is used to explain how important the Holy Spirit is in refreshing and reviving Christians’ lives. People enjoy abundant materialistic lives nowadays; however, none of these things can quench their thirst deep in their hearts. It helps people to recognise their positions in the wilderness.

It continues to preach that Jesus our Savior has invited us to come to his feast to drink - he will then pour out the Holy Spirit that can renew our lives. Jesus quenches all the thirst for meaning in life, the longing for peace, for forgiveness, for a real deep relationship with the living God.

In a further step, Jesus allows those who are filled with the Holy Spirit to become a refreshment to others. Not because they have become the source of the life-giving water (only Jesus can give the Spirit), but because, by their lives, their works and words, they point to the source of the living water.

Baptists are reminded that countless millions are thirsty for the life-giving water Jesus has already poured into their lives. Therefore, they are encouraged to get involved in mission; for that is when they can discover life in all its fullness that Jesus promised.

The BMS World Mission has also printed “Essential for Life” postcards through which churches or congregations can write gospel messages to their neighbours, in an attempt to spread the Word of God.