Upcoming Key Women Ministries Event - Cherish 2004

( [email protected] ) May 27, 2004 08:08 AM EDT

Abundant Life Ministries’ event - Cherish 2004 is coming on 3-6 June. Cherish is an annual conference, which is also one of the highlighted activities of the women ministries in the Abundant Life Church. Last year, around 500 people were recorded as attending.

Women nowadays are seen as having to deal with more challenges from society, family and career; Cherish provides them some precious time with other women of God to strengthen their faith by soaking themselves in his word, in worship and friendship. It also aims to equip and encourage them to respond to God’s calling.

This year, one of the speakers will be Charlotte Scanlon-Gambill, the founder and director of “Cherish”, who will give lectures with practical and humorous application of God’s Word. Another key speaker is Bobbie Houston, senior pastor of Sydney Hillsong Church and organiser of Australia’s annual women’s conference “Colour”, who will help participants to discover God’s purpose in them so as to develop their full potential. And Wendy Treat from Christian Faith Centre will travel from the US. With more than twenty years of ministry, teaching and counselling, her messages are very warm, straightforward and powerful, encouraging people to walk in faith with Christ.

The name of the conference “Cherish” exists to remind every woman of the heart of God, that they are cherished ones. In today's society it is easy for people to get depressed due to environmental and emotional changes; however, the everlasting love of God provides them with refugee in their lives, and to offer them shelter and peaceful hearts.