Christians Hold “Day of Christ 2004” In Switzerland

( [email protected] ) Jun 15, 2004 04:23 PM EDT

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – A great multitude of about 40,000 Christians from every Swiss community gathered in celebration and in prayer for "The Day of Christ “ in Switzerland. Together, the Association of Evangelical Churches and Communities, the Swiss Evangelical Alliance, and the Swiss Evangelical Council of Churches worked to organize the mega event.

Committee president Max Schläpfer opened the Day of Christ 2004 saying, " There is no other message than the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which has changed people of all ages and all cultures profoundly. Through this message, people can find to God, can experience the power of resurrection in their daily lives and be filled up with the love of God. "

The main speaker of the day, Karl Albietz, delivered an important analysis of the actual spiritual situation of Switzerland—that Switzerland is in a spiritual sleep. Albietz mentioned that Swiss Christians and communities must focus on the essential things again instead of discussing unessential matters.

"The day of Christ 2004 represents a courageous sign for a new beginning. It is a chance for Christians to become trendsetters again. The Holy Spirit gives the strength to fight against the powerful ones of the country and God has great plans with us," Albietz said.

Goerg Vischer, president of the Church Council of Basel emphasized that the ones who listen to the Words of Jesus Christ have the Gospel and the light of Jesus in their heart. “You are the light of the world… not ‘You should be…’,” Vischer proclaimed.

As the event came to a close, 2,787 representatives gathered on the football field carrying flags of each Swiss community, forming the shape of a cross. The display was not only an impressive sight, but was also a reminder of the responsibility of Christians for their country and peoples.