Domestic Mission Report: Crossroads Bible Institute

Dec 20, 2002 05:48 PM EST

Grandville, MI - Thousands of Prisoners in the United States will receive personalized cards to warm their holiday this year. Eunice Skippers with the Crossroads Bible Institute says they have sent out over 10 thousand holiday cards.

"Prison inmates generally are sort of forgotten and even family members do not write or visit them at all they are very lonely and during the Christmas season they especially feel that loneliness and so for them to get a personal card in the mail is just a total blessing for them." Skippers says they hope it will open doors to sharing the Gospel. "Of the thousand of cards we've received, people have added some personal comments to these cards along with a greeting that's printed inside. But the people have also written words of encouragement, bible verses, challenges for them to go into the word and also the promise that theses people are going to be praying for them."

By Paulina C.