Circle of Motherhood Rally

Nov 08, 2002 03:00 AM EST

The Importance of Mothers could never be overestimated. Their unconditional love allows us a taste of God¡¯s amazing Agape Love. The World Relief¡¯s ¡°Circle of Motherhood¡± initiative shines the spotlight on these wonderful heroes, whose works are so often overlooked.

This new program by World Relief gathers evangelical churches across America to honor mothers in their congregations. These congregations support struggling mothers in desperate world regions both financially and spiritually.

The goal of the participants is to be the ¡®hands of Jesus¡¯ to hurting mothers across the globe. The Circle of Motherhood Crushes Poverty, Saves Children¡¯s Lives, Fights Aids, and feeds families.

Anyone interested in taking part of the next Circle of Motherhood initiative should contact World Relief at





By Pauline J.