PTC Study Reveals R-rated Films Advertised on Youth Focused Channels

Nov 09, 2002 03:00 AM EST

Recent studies from the Parents Television Council (PTC) show that nearly a quarter of the films advertised on television during prime "family time" were for R-rated movies. Almost any channel with youth oriented programs televises trailers for movies unsuitable for their under-aged audience.

One such movie, "8-mile," featuring the infamous rapper Eminem advertises on channels targeting the youth. Fifteen-year-old Brittany Bjerke is among the many teens planning to see the R-rated movie.

"So we see it on TV and then we like the movie, because we like Eminem, and he raps in the movie, so it's cool and we want to go see that," Bjerke said.

Though Bjerke saw the trailer on MTV, Melissa Caldwell of the PTC announced that it could be playing on youth targeted channels. The lead offenders were UPN, NBC, and FOX, who marketed many R-rated movies on their channels.

Even PAX TV, which claims to be a "family-friendly cable network" is guilty of airing the ads. According the study, 4 percent of the ads aired on PAX during the family hour were for R-rated films.

A similar study made by the Federal Trade Commission a few years ago uncovered the widespread practice of movie studios marketing their R-rated movies to under-aged audiences.

"Even though the (Motion Picture Association of America) has promised to improve the situation, to take steps to prevent the marketing of R-rated movies to children, I think that that's probably still a factor in play," she said.

In the meantime, teens across the U.S. flock to the theaters to view those R-rated movies.

Natasha, another teen, says she'll find a way to go, though she is under aged. "Just pull a "hey mister" and people will go buy tickets for you," she said.

By Pauline J.
[email protected]