A "Spiritual Awakening" in America

Feb 12, 2003 08:30 PM EST

NEW ORLEANS - The president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention encourages America to undergo a spiritual awakening, possible only through the hands of God. On a Feb. 4 chapel service at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Richard Land challenges Americans to be reborn as God's blessed people.

"If God's going to bless America, it will start with a revival among God's people," he said

"We must have 100 percent of born-again Christians practicing what they preach, walking the talk."

Land said God's promise to hear the cries of a broken nation can be fulfilled only if the people are responsive to sins. The American people must return to God with humbled hearts; then God will bless America.

"It [humility] means that we come to the end of our resources and we understand that we don't have the answers for our problems," he said. "Only God has the resources to sustain us and deliver us."

Land continued to emphasize the importance of dependence. Seeking provisions through our own work, effort, or finances will not bring about the change God wants.

Referring to 2 Chronicles 7:14, Land suggested America should pray and listen to God's direction. Believers are instructed to pray; these prayers are more than voiced concerns, but a longing to hear for God's response and adjusting one's life to his ways, said Land.

"If we want God to bless America, get obedient," Land said.

Pastoring at the Vieux Carre Baptist Church in the French Quarter, an area notoriously known for immoral behavior, Land had battled the moral sins that penetrated through the American culture. Under his leadership, the church saw a transformation of the area that had once been riddled with drugs, pornography and prostitution, to a place filled with the gospel message.

Land noted that the church is not insulated from these sins. Pornography is especially dangerous, said Land, because it "rewires" people to be self serving and contributes to the numerous divorces in America.

"He is not going to bless us if we are enmeshed in the web of pornography."

"It is the most powerful tool in Satan's arsenal right now in destroying spiritual health," Land said. "It is spiritual toxic waste."

Land is confident that God wants to bless and heal America. He says the blessings will bring forth more committed believers and successes in evangelism.

Land strives to align Christians with the teachings of the scriptures, and to bring about a "spiritual transformation" to America. He is known throughout the nation as one of the most brilliant minds dedicated to serving the Kingdom of God. His latest book, "For Faith and Family: Changing America through Strengthening the Family" is designed to encourage and equip families to become a force in reaching the nation for Christ.

By Pauline C.