Pro-Family Coalition Launch Marriage Protection Cmpaign

( [email protected] ) Oct 07, 2003 09:52 AM EDT

WASHINGTON – More than 24 pro-family organizations gathered at the capital to fight against the recent developments in the homosexual movement. At the press conference on Thursday, the leaders of the coalition said they are willing and ready to do all it takes to defend the traditional marriage as a union between man and woman.

Coalition members included the Southern Baptist Convention, the American Family Association, Focus on the Family, and the Christian Coalition of America. Announcing October 12-18 as “Marriage Protection Week,” the coalition called for a voter registration drive and endorsed the language of a Constitutional amendment that defines marriage in the traditional way.

Dr. Richard Land, who heads the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, told reporters that protecting marriage is the most critical issue facing Americans today.

"It is the poster issue for the titanic struggle that is . . . going on in our society between those who believe in a Judeo-Christian basis for our culture and those who believe in a neo-pagan, relativist base for our culture," Land said.

Dr. James C. Dobson, chairman and founder of Focus on the Family, minced no words when he said the state of marriage is threatened by judicial tyranny.

"What you're doing is undermining the whole legal definition, the underpinnings of the institution of the family, and when that goes, everything goes with it, including the stability of the country . . . and the future of Western civilization," Dobson said.

The leaders expressed hopes to raise awareness of the “critical time” our society faces through the upcoming week of observance.

"This is an absolutely critical moment and juncture in the history of our society in our nation," Land said.

"With our Canadian cousins having just legalized homosexual marriage; the Supreme Court finding a new right to homosexual sodomy; the Episcopal Church sanctioning a homosexual bishop who left his wife and children for his male lover; and Massachusetts poised any day now to legalize not just civil unions, but full-blown, same-sex marriage, it's time that rational voices in this country speak up -- and speak up we will," said Sandy Rios of Concerned Women for America.

Elements of observance to the Marriage protection week will include church bulletin inserts in more than 70,000 churches, and Christian radio programming on the issue throughout the week.