Bible Games to Do With Kids

( [email protected] ) Oct 27, 2003 08:05 AM EST

Bored? Why not mix fun, education, and the Bible together into a game?

Crossword Puzzle

Try finding simple questions to test your kids’ knowledge on the Bible. In the process of thinking up the crossword categories and researching the correct answer, you may also learn a thing or two.

Some ideas:

1. The number of books in the Bible

2. The person who built the ark.

3. Peter’s name before becoming a disciple.


Charades is a game where you write nouns and verbs on little pieces of paper and then put them into a box where the you take turns acting out the word you chose in a manner that your teammates can guess what the word you chose is. Usually, the team is divided into two groups. No talking is allowed during the charade. There is also a time limit for each turn such as 2 minutes. If the team doesn’t guess the word, then they receive no points and the game turns over to the next team.

Some ideas for words:

1. Christian activities such as: praying, reading the Bible, etc..

2. Biblical happenings such as: Creation , The Fall of Man, Jesus breaking bread, etc..


For this game, a substantial-sized white-dry erase board (or chalkboard) is useful. You pick a word from a container and then try to draw a picture, without talking or gesturing, that will allow your teammates to guess your word.

Some ideas:

1. The Miracle of the Five Loaves and Two Fish

2. The Cross

3. Angel

…Use your imagination!