The 10 Best and Worst of Family TV

( [email protected] ) Nov 01, 2003 06:40 PM EST

Quality time with the kids now-a-days may not be the luxuriously time-afforded pinic in the park or camping in the woods. Time with the kids may not even be classified as "quality" as many families are spending their time watching nonsensical shows together.

Many TV sitcoms follow the sexual innuendo routine while reality TV shows attract viewers from their forged romance plotlines. There is a lack of good 'ol family shows which promote good education and family values. However, not all is lost. Some shows do make a commitment to upholding family themes throughout their series and there are some which you can tell are rotten from a mile away.

The top 10 Best shows for families

1. Touched By an Angel

2. Doc

3. Sue Thomas F. B. Eye

4. 7th Heaven

5. Life with Bonnie

6. Smallville

7. Reba

8. Star Search

9. George Lopez

10. Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter

The top 10 Worst shows for families

1. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

2. Kingpin

3. Fastlane

4. NYPD Blue

5. Fear Factor

6. Angel

7. Girlfriends

8. Will & Grace

9. Friends

10. Big Brother

The list of shows is from the 2003 list from the Parents Televison Council, a nonsectarian watchdog group that advocates family-friendly TV programming.