Testimony: Jesus was the answer all along

( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2003 10:50 AM EST

Hi, my name is Denis Schweers. I live in Orange County California and I'm 21 years old. While I was in my adolescent years, I experienced a lot of what this world had to offer me. As I got into my teenage years, I pondered the thought about life. When I thought about it, and couldn't figure it out, I just forgot about it period, and I lived on with my lonely, empty hearted soul. Now I did acknowledge that there was a God, but I didn't quite understand how He loved us and why He would allow murder, theft, adultery, and many other disastrous sorrows and sins. As a teenager, I was tempted to try what this world had to offer: sex, drugs, partying, and drinking. For many, these four immoral acts are a piece of cake, but weren't for me. I had a heavy conscience about this stuff even thou I was blinded by the truth. When I look back on my oldself, I have this vision and understanding that God had a hold of me and took care of me even when I was lost and had no fear of Him, or the Love He had for me. I thank You Lord Jesus for all You've done and Your protection over me. As I did become more mature about life, I began again to search my heart for the empty piece that wasn't there. I wouldn't express my emptiness on the outside, but inside it was crying out; the night Jesus made Himself known to me was about to take place.

I was driving one night, switching through the radio stations. I couldn't find anything on, so all of a sudden, I felt this tugging feeling in my heart to turn to 107.9 KWVE; it's a Christian radio station here in Southern California. Well anyways, I turned there and a pastor was giving his sermon. God is so awesome and works in mysterious ways; this message was perfect for me. It broke me solid, convicting me right there on the spot of my sin and how much I needed a Savior. I kept listening to it and most of my questions I needed answers for we're being answered. It's as if my world had changed drastically while driving home and you know what, it did! That night kneeling by my bedside, I opened up my heart and gave my life to Christ. Instantly after receiving His gift of Salvation, I felt as If I put on a new body; my attitude, my perspective of life, my purpose and meaning of my life we're all changed. It all came so clear to me that Jesus was the answer all along. My empty heart filled with the Love and Joy that He gave to me and anyone who will receive and take his gift of Salvation; my eyes we're opened and on the right track. I became born again on April 26, 1999 and from that time on I don't like and try not to look back on my old life because I have fulfillment in Christ and want to move and live closer and closer, stronger and stronger in Him, each and every day.

For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain -(Philippians 1:21) When I look or think of that verse, I want God to engulf me with His Loving arms; that's one of my favorite verses. While living my new life for God, I had to accept the fact that I wasn't going to be loved by this world. As it reads in Matthew 10:22 - And you shall be hated of all men for My name's sake: but he that endures to the end shall be saved – AMEN.

I have experienced hate and persecution from others, and sad to say, also from my family. It's hard when you feel alone in this world, but when I think about that, I tell myself that Jesus Loves and is with me always. It's still hard, because I really try to witness to my family and give them the truth, but I can just picture the devil standing in the corner laughing at me, saying "I got them on strings." You know, I do live through tough times, it takes guts to follow Christ, but you know what it's all worth it, even if I have to sacrifice anything and everything. He's first in my life and no one can take that away from me. I have this T-shirt that has this awesome and true statement "WON BY ONE" Yes, AMEN --We have been won by one, and that one is Jesus Christ. All my brothers and sisters in Christ, keep your light shining bright and never lose Faith, for even thou we suffer the hate and persecution of our faith, Jesus Christ has overcome it all. I just want to comfort all those who seem down and out. There are times when I feel doubt, hurt, pain, and isolated, but I comfort myself with the Word of God. His Word is my spiritual food; I need it daily. God Bless You All. As my life was changed by the Power of God, I came to realize that God had a plan specifically for me. I felt encouraged and inspired by Him to move and bring Him Glory in all I do.

Shortly after being born-again, I found a church I now call home. I attend Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast here in Westminster California. The pastor there is Ron Wilkins, and let me say he is an awesome teacher in the Lord, and another thing, he was the one I tuned to that night on the radio. What a work of God! I attend every Sunday morning; I'm in the tape/audio ministry there and I Love it, because not only do I get to help others by giving them tapes and getting the Word out, but I get to serve the Lord and that's what my goal in life is. I also attend a Monday night service at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa California with pastor and Evangelist Greg Laurie. I feel so much joy and excitement praising the Lord. Lord, thank you again for all you have done in my life. ~I Love You~ The Lord is still opening doors in my life; I plan to enroll at Calvary Chapel Bible College and one day become a pastor; I also want to be a Meteorologist. I pray every night for the Lord to keep over me, bless me, and lead my life in the way He wants it. I also pray for my loved ones and friends. I pray the Lord uses me as an instrument of Jesus Christ to reach others, because it so sad to see how the devil himself is deceiving many. Lord, I pray to you now and ask that you use me any and every way. Help me to witness to others and to my family. I Love You--In Jesus' Name AMEN-- Like I always say in my prayers "Not my will, but Thy will be done". His Loving Kindness, His mercy, and His Righteousness couldn't be described in human words. So, I hope you enjoyed my testimony, because the miracles the Lord does in lives of many today is so beyond our understanding, we can't express in human terms how great and awesome it is. How I long to be forever with Him in Heaven. Thank you Lord for chastening, and molding me. To God be the Glory and Power Forever more ..AMEN !! ~~God Bless You~~