The Most Precious Gift of All

( [email protected] ) Dec 24, 2003 12:08 PM EST

Of al the gifts we will receive this Christmas, let us not forget the most precious gift of all. Having the very nature of God but not considering equality with God, Jesus lowered himself and became man to save us from our sins. The gift God gave to us was His son Jesus, whom we have come to know as Christ. Through Jesus, we have received the most precious gift of grace.

The self-lowering Jesus exemplified through his life of the cross and his death on the cross was love for us. Without the grace given to us, we could not stand in front of God like we do today. Even though we were once far away from God and strangers to His undying love of us, through Jesus, we have entered the most holy place.

May Christmas be a day which we live thanking God for sending His only son to us. His birth was the beginning of the end to evil. Gathering with grateful hearts with our families on this day, may the gift, the most precious treasure Christ has brought us fill our homes with the Holy Spirit. Most importantly, may it fill our hearts so that although the gift was given on that day, it may be continue to be revealed throughout our whole lives.

Merry Christmas everyone.