Dedicating the First to God

( [email protected] ) Jan 02, 2004 11:33 AM EST

Sure, New Year's is about setting up resolutions and thinking about how to live as a more improved you this year, but something to not forget is dedication to God.

While many people are off hopping around for places to spend the New Year's in the company of strangers, there is something Christians should do. Many of us may live forgetting to put God first 364 days of the year but at least for one day, the offering of even our first thoughts and words should belong to God.

In Exodus 13, "The LORD said to Moses, 'Consecrate to me every firstborn male. The first offspring of every womb among the Israelites belongs to me, whether man or animal.'"

There is a pain God has from losing his firstborn which was Adam. Here, in the scene before the Israelites cross the Red Sea and escape from the horrors of Egypt, God is asking for the firstborn males of their livestock. God gave the created world to Adam who was the first of mankind to be born of God's Spirit. However, when Adam fell, God was left with nothing as the created world He gave to Adam was lost along with God's losing Adam to sin. To regain what is His own back, God calls for the firstborn.

The New Year's we celebrate can belong to God when we offer it well to God. By meticulously spending the New Year's dedicating everything to God, from the first word spoken to the first prayer of gratitude, we can give back to God what He lost. In similiar respects to living out the first day dedicated to God, offering the first things to God the beginning of the year during the month of January is also important. Same goes for the first of each day, each week, each month. Service shouldn't be just an-hour-a-week ritual. Service should be life.

With the best foot and first foot forward, let us live giving our firstborn to God in thought, prayer, priority, and love.