Call for Help

( [email protected] ) Jan 21, 2004 03:04 PM EST

When Moses' hands grew tired. . . . Aaron and Hur held his hands up.

-Exodus 17:12 (NIV)

MY youngest son Nate and some of his friends were outside playing with a slingshot, shooting small stones around the yard. Suddenly, Nate was hit in the eye.

We rushed our boy to the hospital. He could not see much from that eye and was in a lot of pain. My husband and I were praying, but praying was difficult for me. I needed help. I was becoming weary from the strain, so I called a friend to help my husband and me to pray. She then placed our request on the church prayer chain.

Like Joshua in our scripture story, I was fighting a battle, a battle to continue in prayer. But in whatever struggles we face, friends in the faith can help us by their encouragement and by their prayer.

Joshua won his battle against the Amalekites. Our son Nate was healed and can see well. God was glorified in both cases, as friends supported one another in each situation.


Dear Lord, help us to lend strength and encouragement to others and to be willing to ask others for the help we need. Amen.