The Wilderness' Potential

( [email protected] ) Mar 04, 2004 09:28 AM EST

NO MATTER HOW distorted and hurtful our powers within, they were originally created from the divine source, and they hold the potentiality for the unique and beautiful. ...

Our fear, when healed, becomes intuitive, empathetic compassion and sensitivity toward others.

Our destructive anger, when healed, becomes a passion, a hunger and thirst for justice and righteousness.

Our perfectionism, our compulsion to organize and dominate, when healed, becomes released, joyous power to build and create.

Our inertia and our withdrawals, when healed, become increasing powers for peace and integrity.

Our possessiveness, our jealousies, and our physical addictions, when healed, become growing released powers to become lovers and healers of the world around us. ...

Slowly we learn to see our major problem not as a devil to be exorcised, a cancer to be cut out, a stumbling block to be removed, or an enemy to be killed but as our own personal "fallen angel." ... We learn to see it as our most hurting and wounded child that hides in fear and strikes out in desperation.