Christian Aid Ministry Prepares for War

Mar 15, 2003 10:57 AM EST

World Vision prepares to provide both spiritual and physical support in time of war. Steve Matthews with WV says they are focusing on being ready to respond in case of a humanitarian crisis. "Now that things seem to be heating up a fair bit, we made a decision that we could access some of our major relief supplies that we had pre-positioned in the area. We airlifted 40 tons of relief supplies from Brindisi (Italy) to Amman (Jordan)." Matthews points out that they're providing for physical needs, but, in the ravages of war, it's spiritual needs that come to the surface. To that end, he says, "All of our staff is Christian, and all of us carry with us a Christian ethos which sort of drives us, and that's the impetus that makes us do the work that we do. So, if it rubs off in some way in the field, then so be it, and I know that it often does."

By Pauline J.