North Korea to Recieve Bibles

Mar 15, 2003 10:57 AM EST

World Bible Translation Center enters its final stages of readying the Easy-To-Read Korean New Testament. Roger Massy from WBTC says "As soon as that is typeset and printed, we expect that to move across the country, and eventually even up into North Korea. We have had some contact with some North Korean Christians who are eager to see it as well." Massey says they're hoping the New Testaments will be ready for distribution by this summer. Please pray: "...that the underground church would be able to distribute these New Testaments into places where it's needed the most, and that it will fuel the work of God that is already going on there. Most of all, that God would just protect this whole endeavor, to get it printed and get it into the country."

By Pauline J.